Walk through the Door of self-reflection

to reclaim your own profound sense of self

look into the mirror and discover

transformative healing!

There are many ways to walk through the threshold of therapeutic healing. I am here to guide you,

as you awaken to find that you ARE the master of your own amazing life!  

Reclaim your light, and you will discover that you are able to find your way through the darkness. Go to ACCELERATE MY HEALING page to

discover how you and I can use different therapeutic healing tools to make therapy more fun, inviting, and creative! 


To be brave is actually to be vulnerable

Your courage to look into your reflection is your greatest strength in finding your answers!



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 PHONE: (720) 210-3416

Find out what's inside that heart of yours!

If you were to look inside your heart, what might you find? If you were brave enough to let someone listen, what might it say?