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Your end goal of feeling better depends on getting

under the surface of things

People come into my office wanting: happiness, to feel better about themselves, to improve a relationship, dissolve stress from their life. 

These are all excellent intentions to have, because people want results. However, it's important to remember that your long term goal depends upon on your journey of digging deeper.


Tap into the deeper side of yourself, you may be surprised what you find! 

(The different modalities below help accelerate your process, release emotional garbage, empower you, and help align you with inner truth.)


Essential Oils

Like stepping stones, essential oils can help you walk through frightening places, opening emotional doors, yet keeping you feeling relaxed and safe. Clients often use essential oils topically, or I will diffuse them in the office. I like to think of them as benign allies, that bridge the gap into the unknown. 


Body Awareness

Our bodies are intelligent - they hold answers to our feelings, past or present. I specialize in body language, and I will help you begin to tap into your body to calm your nervous system.  I teach body scanning, breath work, and body intelligence to help you become more present.  


Draw A Card

I have several decks of cards that I use to support our sessions. This is not a psychic reading. It is just a reflection of the process you're going through. Merely an affirmation. Remember, if this isn't for you, no worries! The cards are there for you to supplement your experience. Some clients use them and some choose not to.



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Essential oils can help you access your self with ease and relaxation.

Essential oils can help you access your self with ease and relaxation.

Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.
— Debbie Ford