Learn to access your profound self

beyond your petals and stems!


Let's take a look at the metaphor of plants

 If you were to cut a bouquet of tulips and put them into a vase of water, they would look beautiful and vibrant, but only for a few days. They can only emit their beauty for a short while before they wither away and die. People want their lives to look and feel better, but to access this change, they must go deeper, into the dirt. 

Don't be so afraid of the dirt

 A planted flower uses its roots to access nutrients and life. This way, it can show its glorious beauty to the world. A plant cannot live without the dark earth and its roots. Rooted change happens when you are able to see the dirt in your life. Just by taking a look under the surface of your situation, you can begin to react and live differently. Accepting the darkness gives us power to see otherwise and move into different directions.